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Author Topic: Need dummies guide to Artnet - CueCore, Cuelux Pro, Pixel Net Bar (Pixel Net4)  (Read 984 times)

April 09, 2018, 04:33:58 PM
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As the title states, I need a dummies guide to Artnet using a  CueCore and Cuelux Pro with Pixel Net Bar(12, 20, 40) driven by a Pixel Net4.

I have a linux box running Cuelux Pro with the IP address of connected to a Cisco RV220w wifi router ( The address provided by the Pixel Net4 is CueCore is set to Sub Net Mask

I believe my issue is networking and not personalities or profiles. Using personalities found here -
Changed the patch->universe settings to point the second universe to artnet address - @ 0.0 and set pixel bar to second universe starting at channel 1. Then going to the Network window and clicking on the CueCore, the properties include the artnet address as and I am unable to change it. This is where the guide for dummies will help greatly. I think I have confused myself.

When I run the Browser console, I can access the lights via the second universe (513-Red 514 Green 515-Blue 516-Red 517 Green etc)

April 10, 2018, 09:20:42 AM
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Guido Visser

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Hello Dahaggard,

CuelxuPro mode
If you are using CueluxPro with a CueCore. You have to do the following in CueluxPro.
Open the Universe window which is a part of the Patch window. Here you will see your universes. (2 are created by default.)

If you want to send Art-Net you will have to configure the universe in the following way:
1. Set an outlet. Select your CueCore as the outlet.
2. Set master to "yes".
3. Enable Art-Net in CueluxPro.

Stand alone mode
If you want to use the CueCore in stand alone mode. You will have to dump a playback to the CueCore.

Then you can open the web interface of the CueCore. On the settings page of the CueCore set the Art-Net output destination. And then start the playback.

I hope this helps you.

Best regards,
Guido Visser
Visual Productions BV


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