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Author Topic: White Channel on RGBW Issue  (Read 2798 times)

2018 May 11, 17:21:48
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I am using CueluxPro to control a strip of RGBW Addressable LED tape light. I patched all of my RGBW fixtures and created a layer of all of the fixtures. However, when trying to control the lights in the programmer section, the white channel does not work for the layer. Turning up the Red, Green, or Blue channels turns the entire layer those colors but for some reason not for the white. If I control an individual fixture then all of the colors work including the white channel. I cannot figure out why only the white channel doesn't work when trying to control the layer.


2018 May 14, 08:59:00
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Michael Chiou

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Hello @acolyteled,

I have added it to the list as it seams to be a bug. Thank you for your feedback.


Michael Chiou
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