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Author Topic: Behringer BCF2000 in Canvix - Tutorial  (Read 26509 times)

2008 July 01, 17:23:18
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Jeroen van der Velden

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Behringer BCF2000 MIDI–controller support

The BCF2000 is a great midi-controller from Behringer. It features 8 motorized faders, 8 rotary-encoders with push-function and LED-rings, 20 buttons and an USB connection.
Canvix has full built-in support for the BCF2000 from version 1.05 build 16, including feedback to the motorized faders and LED-rings for the encoders. This tutorial will explain how to setup Canvix for use with the BCF2000.

Step 1 – Connecting the BCF2000
Connect the BCF2000 to a free USB-port on your computer and switch it on.
Windows automatically recognizes the BCF2000 as an USB Audio Device (Windows 2000/XP) or BCF2000 (Windows Vista). Make sure the BCF2000 has the factory-presets loaded and is set to “P-1” (factory default first preset).

Step 2 – Choosing the BCF2000 as MIDI input- and output-device for Canvix

Start Canvix, open the OPTION-menu and go to the MIDI-page.
Select “USB Audio Device” (Windows XP) or “BCF2000” (Windows Vista) for both input and output device.

Step 3 – Enabling the preset BCF2000 action lists

To enable support for the BCF2000 in Canvix, 2 action-lists have to be enabled. One for receiving MIDI-signals, and one for transmitting MIDI-signals back to the BCF2000.
Open the CFG-menu and go to the Actions-page. On the left side of the screen the action lists are being displayed. Click on the “BCF Control” list and choose for “Enable”. Do the same for the “BCF Feedback” list.

BCF2000 controls layout

When you've finished setting up Canvix for use with the BCF2000, the most important controls in Canvix are available as real motorized faders,  rotary-encoders and buttons. The faders and encoders have full feedback; If the corresponding controls are changed on-screen, the faders and encoders on the BCF2000 will automatically update their position or value!

Click on the picture below to enlarge.

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