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2019 April 06, 11:41:49
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Is it possible to save presets with separate parameters?
I want to have 5 scenes with colour and 3 scenes with intensity.
This means that using the Cuety remote I can set the colour and then the desired intensity level.
If this is not possible it means I have to have 15 scenes. 5 colours multiplied by the number of preset intensity levels.

I understand that the Cuety app has intensity faders but they are too small for fine adjustment on a standard iPad.
If there was an option to half the number of banks to double the size and thus range of the fade that would also solve my problem.

Numeric intensity value input or intensity patch limits would also solve my problem.

2019 April 09, 10:21:34
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Bootsy van der Zande

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If I understand your question correctly, I would say yes. You need to set all intensity in the same playback though, same goes for colour.  For fixtures without an intensity channel you can set the 'Virtual Dimmer' in the patch.
Just create a playback with colours, and a playback with intensity at different values. Make sure the faders are at 100% in Cuety.
They get mixed HTP, so it should work for all fixtures.



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