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Author Topic: Is there a way to prevent a blackout after leaving the console in CueCore2  (Read 1683 times)

2018 November 12, 00:30:26
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Currently if I record a new track in the web interface of a CueCore2 via the Console, the DMX levels are all reverted to 0 and Playbacks are stopped when I leave the Console.

We intend to use this in a venue that is open close to 20 hours a day so live recording is a requirement.  Dropping to a blackout after any change would not work.

Thanks for any suggestions.

2018 November 12, 10:23:09
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Bootsy van der Zande

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The playbacks and tracks use the same resources of the device, so it's not possible to leave them on at this time.
But there are ways to prevent a blackout.
Showcontrol uses different resources, and keeps working when editing tracks. So you could create a scene by controlling DMX channels directly from Showcontrol.

Alternatively, you could use another device to output Artnet to the CueCore/QuadCore, and use Showcontrol to merge this with the venue's DMX universe. This can be merged with Priority.


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