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Author Topic: led par and dimmer chasers wont work  (Read 5378 times)

January 28, 2008, 02:12:46 PM
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i've a problem with programming chasers:
how can i program 15 pars chasing colour fade, and program a 6ch dimmer wo's faded indenpendetly.

if i want to do that, the dimmer pack catches the dimmer of the colour fade, and goes to 100% in stead of 50% and 25%.

thank u

koen kofflard, excess sales bv. Rotterdam

February 04, 2008, 08:23:21 PM
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Jeroen van der Velden

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Problem solved by a phonecall, a summary:

Koen was trying to program a track for an Elite, where he wanted the LED pars to do a colourchase, and a dimmerpack having a static dimming-value.
He selected the colourchase-sequence as a source for the Track in the Track Wizard, but selected both the LED pars and dimmerpack as fixtures for the track. That was the problem: The selected fixtures will be using the selected sequence, and because there's no dimmer-value programmed in the colourchase-sequence, the dimmerpack didn't work in this track. He just needed to select only the LED pars for use with the colourchase sequence in the Track Wizard, and the dimmers (and other lights) were being recorded in the trackfile with their current (static) value.
Jeroen van der Velden
Moving light operator


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