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Author Topic: Mac OS Mojave Kiosk Editor and Kiosk App Bugs  (Read 1734 times)

April 28, 2019, 06:27:42 PM
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Hello to the Netherlands 8)

Well I just worked again with the newest Kiosk Editor Software as well as Kiosk App with the newest Mac Releases. Sorry but I have to say that the Editor Software has many bugs and problems. More than in the Past I guess. Way?

- I had several Crashes with Kiosk Editor. Sometimes after open the Editor Software.
- After Copy/Paste Pages with OSC Commands, I have always reopen the Editor Software. Otherwise the OSC Commands are not stored in the new Page.
- If I open an older editor Showfile, the Fader and Rate OSC commands are not working with the new Cuecore. You need to reimport the Faders ect.
- Transparency is not working correct with the actual Editor release. In the past it was working correct.
- Kiosk in Remote Mode and open Editor Software shows only on the first Page the Background Image. We have for all 4 Pages a different Background imported. On Editor software it shows it correct.
- Same Problem after I stored the Kiosk File and open it in Kiosk App. NO Background visible on all 4 Pages.
- Rate Encoder Wheels is showing 0% Speed  not in the Middle of the Encoder anymore. This is not normal and in the Past it was correct.
- Rate Encoder Wheels is overlay the % Grafic in the Middle after changing the value. So i can not see anymore how many Speed % I have.
- Faders as Dimmer Value should be Default as 1 (100% Value) Not possible to store it after I but 1 in the Remote Software. If i open it in Kiosk App it is always at 0%
- vManager open in Mojave is not usable. It has big Grafic issues.

Overall the last Releases of Kiosk App and Editor Software was made 8-9 Month ago. That's is along long time ago. If the Product is working correctly, then I guess you are probably working on new innovations and great new Possibility:-)

But with this amount of Problems and Bugs, I think you should do a Release with bugfixes as quick as possible.

I hope you understand my problem, because we have cool projects and should be realized if possible with cool products like those of you 8)
But time is running!


Kind Regards,
Matthias Kern

April 29, 2019, 09:57:03 AM
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Bootsy van der Zande

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Hello Matthias!

I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing this much bugs. We are aware that Kiosc / Editor needs a lot of work... And don't worry, it will get fixed.
It has been a long time since the last release, that is true. We've been working on a new project that took up a lot of time.
But recently we've had the chance to update some other things that really needed our attention, and Kiosc / Editor will follow soon.
I've written down all the bugs you mentioned, and will pass it to the developers. 
-Is there a chance you can share the showfiles you used? I'm mainly interested in the older file that doesn't load as it should.
-Could you share a picture of the vManager graphic issues? Which version are you running?

Thank you for all your feedback! It is much appreciated.



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