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Author Topic: Midi Trigger to control tempo button  (Read 2431 times)

2019 July 04, 11:05:29
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Ralph Hinz

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I'm using an external trigger unit to convert Audio into Midi.
This works fine and i can receive the midi messages in Culelux Pro.
On the action window i can selesct the corresponding Midi message and I assume it's ok, as the message turns green every time an trigger event occurs.

I have defined the "Dashboard Tempo Button" as action, as I want this to be triggered. When I press the execute button the action works and the Tempo button gets pressed.. So i assume i have picked the right action.

But the Midi event does not trigger my action. :-(
The Midi event turns green, but the Tempo button does not react.

Any idea what I am missing?
(I hope my description was understandeable, I'm not sitting in front of the console at the this is on a different PC.)


2019 July 05, 12:27:43
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Guido Visser

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Hello Ralph,

There may be two problems here.

The first one is CueluxPro is expecting a high and a low message. For example note on with a high value of 127 and a low message like note on with a value of 0.

CueluxPro will press the button when it receives a high value. And will release the button when it receives a low value. If you only send high messages. CueluxPro will keep the button pressed. Which prevents it from getting pressed a second time. Which is required for the tempo button. Can you get your audio converter to send messages with both a high and a low value?

It is also possible you are experiencing a bug where CueluxPro gets confused with some sequence of midi commands. If this is the case there is a workaround. I assume that you are using control change or a note on message. If you are. Could you change you audio converter to send both a control change and note messages. This will prevent the bug from occurring.

I hope this helps you.

Best regards,
Guido Visser
Visual Productions BV


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