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Author Topic: New File in PERSONALITY LIBRARY (Please till Fr.)  (Read 424 times)

July 04, 2019, 06:49:42 PM
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Hello,, first I would like to say that I now have some years of experience with Cuety and I really like it. Now I want to add another device. The problem is that I have prepared some new devices created by them and these are in a file on my iPad. Could I send you this file so that you can add the new device to the already existing ones? Actually, I know how it works but that's a bit difficult. i hope you can understand my problem despite my bad english. I could also send you the DMX manual of the new fog machine. Greetings Philipp Velken. You do a good job! Need till Friday

July 05, 2019, 03:47:28 PM
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Julien Levaufre

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Please send me your current personality file and the manual of your new fixture, I will add it to your file!
Julien Levaufre
Visual Productions BV


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