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Author Topic: How to get Visual DMX and Martin Show Designer working on a same computer.  (Read 6318 times)

August 19, 2008, 06:28:05 PM
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allan P

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Hello everybody

  Thats an issue what Ive been struggeling for some while. But I just felt like why do I need to buy a new computer to start controlling those two softwares together?
  For about couple of months I occupied myself on that issue and finnally I resolved it. Although it was hard to catch at first, the solution became out pretty simple.
  First issue what do you need about it are multimonitor system. As much as possible. I managed to get ot of three screens for my laptop. First is my laptops own screen. Two secondary displays I managed to get thanks to a magical device called Matrox DualheadToGo. Basically its a device what describes himself to computer as 2560x1024 screen. Then you just plug two 1280x1024 resolutioned monitors to it and device just split this monitors picture in half.
  Then you need secondary network adapter. I bought an usb network adapter from D-Link. And then you need both (Visual DMX artnet- and Martin Show Designer) dongles and also a crossed patch cable to connect those two network cards.
  At firs you need to install all drivers. Then give both network adapters a same ip filed addresses. And then you need to block Martin Show Designer on your firewall. Then firewall needs to be disabled on your secondary network adapter.
  So basically I made a virtual link inside my computer. And forced Martin Show Designer to use a secondary network adapter. And it worked. One thing its needed to pay attention about, that Martin Show designer needs to boot first Because otherwise youll get an dongle communication error. Despite this little problem everything works as a clock.

Hope it helps somebody.

Best regards,
Allan Pardane

August 20, 2008, 11:56:34 AM
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Maarten Engels

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Maarten Engels
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