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Author Topic: Solution for starting VisualTouch in full-screen  (Read 6848 times)

November 04, 2008, 02:32:32 PM
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Jeroen van der Velden

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When setting up VisualDMX and VisualTouch (full-screen mode) to startup automatically on Windows startup, you'll find VisualTouch sometimes starting in full-screen but then minimizing when VisualDMX has finished loading in the background.

The solution for that problem, is to delay the startup of VisualTouch. I've uploaded a simple and free tool called "Delayrun", you can download it at

- Setup VisualDMX to startup automatically (Tools, Options, General, "Startup Automatically") and make sure the Codemeter Runtime Kit  is installed
- Extract the files "DelayRun.exe" and "delayrun.ini" from the downloaded ZIP-file to your root (typically "C:\")
- Edit "delayrun.ini" to make sure the path to your VisualTouch.exe is correct
- Add a shortcut to the "DelayRun.exe" in your Programs/Startup folder
- Done!

The tool is made by Fernando González del Cueto.
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