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Author Topic: Roland SPD-SX Triggering automated Cuelists on Cuecore1 (or2)  (Read 925 times)

January 14, 2020, 11:15:58 PM
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Hey all,

i have a few questions about the CueCore2 (i have the abilty to buy a cuecore1, so primary, all questions refer to cuecore1. If this is not possible with cuecore1 but with cuecore2, i would prefer to by cucecore2.

I have the following setup in my mind:
- Roland SPD SX Sample Pad -> CueCore1 (or 2) in Standalone Mode (Show Automated in Cuelux Pro) -> DMX -> 3 Fixtures (2 x Sunstrip Active 2 MKII Stageblinders & 1x Stairville Tri Flat PAR Profile 18x3W 45° LED

I want to:
- trigger automated cuelists (e.g. songs) with a pad outgoing from the Roland SPD SX

What my Roland SPD-SX are equipped with:
- MIDI visual control or midi v-link supported
- PC TX/RX SW -> Enables (ON) or disables (OFF) transmission and reception of program change messages between the SPD-SX and an external MIDI device (in our case the CueCore)
- CC TX/RX SW -> Enables (ON) or disables (OFF) transmission and reception of control change messages between the SPD-SX and an external MIDI device (in our case the CueCore)

1. Every program on my Roland SPD SX is a different song because of the internal tempo/click. I also want to have the abilty to immediately switch to other songs. Is it possible to trigger different cuelists with different MIDI notes in standalone mode? In other words - every program on my Roland SPD-SX is a package with sounds, tempo/click AND a MIDI Note on a pad to fire a corresponding cuelist on the CueCore
2. In an emergency, do i have the ability to turn off the playback of the actual running cue with the same pad and same note?

Thanks guys,


January 28, 2020, 10:10:29 AM
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Bootsy van der Zande

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Hi Alex,

I've also responded to your mail, somehow I missed this topic on the forum... But here is my answer again, if anyone has the same question.

Your primary need is possible with both the CueCore1 and CueCore2. However, there are some more limits to the CueCore1 than the CueCore2.

With the CueCore1 you have a limit of 16 tracks, so that would be a maximum of 16 songs. With the CueCore2 that is 128 depending on the length of the song and the amount of lighting fixtures.

Hitting the pad again to stop the song is not really possible I’m afraid. You will just restart the song again, unless it is possible to send a NoteON on the first hit and a NoteOff on the second hit or something, then it is possible.

You can link a lot of things thru the midi connections, depending on what is possible with your Roland SPD SX.

If you have more questions feel free to ask.



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