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I see in the manual we can add the readonly="true" in the showfile. I am making this edit on my mac and then reopening the show on the cuety, but it doesn't seem to 'lock down' the device. Can you please give a little more detail on this procedure.

Further to this, can we get more advance and is it possible to only lock 8 play backs for instance and stop the operator changing show files.
For example 8 playbacks are being controlled from an external unit on UDP device but sometimes the operator will want to create more and new scenes. - But then the basic operators should also be able to access the 8 playbacks by UDP without anybody messing anything up... This would be a really great feature!!

Hope that makes sense.


Bootsy van der Zande:

I think the manual is not very clear on this. But read-only in this case means that you can no longer delete the showfile, or save another showfile over it. It has nothing to do with the app itself.

I will add your suggestion to the wishlist. But I think a full read only version should be done first. I am not sure if we have the time to accomplish this unfortunately.


Good information.


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