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Problems with fixtures / moving heads in Cuety (gen 1 / LPU1)


Hello Guys.
I have some questions about fixtures in Cuety (LPU-1 Edition).
How can I use fixtures with more than 2 custom channels or fixed prism parameters, fixed gobos or colors or channels which are not in the default view of Cuety (iPad App).
I have several problems with fixtures in Cuety which are working without problems in Cuelux.
Nearly every movinghead with fixed gobos or colors (scroll > DMX 128) we can't use correctly.
And how to use the lamp on / lamp off / reset parameters in cuety?

We have Cuety generation 1 and using an iPad with newest app / operating system.

Thank you.
Best regards,

Bootsy van der Zande:
Dear Toby,

Thank you for your question. I'm afraid that Cuety is an entry level product, and has less options than Cuelux. As the vBuilder is designed for Cuelux, not all options you can set in there will be usable in Cuety.

Cuety control is limited to the parameters you see in the programmer/UI. A way to work around this is to customise your personalities using the vBuilder. This way you can use all the faders that are available in the programmer.

I'm very sorry but the lamp on / lamp off / reset parameters are not usable in Cuety. (They are not even stored in a Cuety personality actually)

If the functionality of Cuety is insufficient, I can only recommend using Cuelux instead.



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