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Bug in speed dec api when using Cuety app & API



I have a made a driver for cuety LPU-2 driver for RTI Apex While working on it I noticed that there seems to be some odd behaviour in the TCP/UDP playback speed decrement api when the windows Cuety app is running at the same time.

Make a speed adjustment in the windows Cuety app tp playback 1


--- Code: ---pb01/sp=-90\00
--- End code ---


--- Code: ---pb01/sp=--5
--- End code ---


--- Code: ---pb01/sp=-95\00
--- End code ---

The speed gets decreased but instantly it increases back. It seems to happen when the decrement value is 0-5. If I send --6 then it works

It also happens if I try to set a value lower than -50 with the decrement api.

How to test
First way
- Change speed in Cuety windows app
- Send speed --5 commands thru the api
-> The api command sets speed but it gets reset instantly

Second way
- Set speed to 0 thru api
-> Send speed --5 commands thru the api
- Once it hits -50 it won't go lower

Bootsy van der Zande:

Cool that you made a driver! Can you share it with us? :)
I've tried to reproduce the issue you are describing, but for me it seems to work. So I have a few questions...
-Which firmware is the LPU-2 running?
-Which version of Cuety are you using on Windows?
-Are you using TCP or UDP?
-Can you share a printscreen of the monitor page of the LPU-2 showing the issue?
-Is there a way for me to test this driver, without RTI hardware? (Some sort of emulation mode?)

Many thanks for your help and feedback,



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