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I am trying to build a kiosc interface with fixture selections. What would be the best method to select fixtures, with beeing able to see the selected fixtures in kiosc?

I have been trying to get it to work using OSC. I've got Kiosc > CueluxPro working, but not the other way around.


Bootsy van der Zande:
Hi Chris,

I'm afraid it is not possible to show the selection of the fixtures in Kiosc at this time. The currently is no trigger that will respond to fixture selection. Edit: I was wrong, Dashboard Fixture and Dashboard Group work. I don't think it works yet for subfixtures though.

It is possible to have other feedback from CueluxPro to Kiosc. Are you only using Kiosc to select fixtures? How exactly are you doing this? It is easy to respond to Kiosc OSC messages with pre-programmed messages, perhaps this can be of use. This will not work when selecting fixtures manually in CueluxPro unfortunately.


Thanks for your reply!

I'm trying to build a touchscreen interface to select dmx controlled motors using groups in cueluxpro. It's a simple two channel relay for each motor, and i've got 48 motors to do. I figured, if i made some buttons to select the groups, there would be a way to reflect that selection back in to kiosc. But maybe you have a better method that i could explore?


Action source: Dashboard Fixture

Action type: ButtonPrimair
Flank: On Change

Send Message Bool

Bootsy van der Zande:
Hi Chris,

It seems I was wrong, my apologies. I though the Dashboard Fixture and Dashboard Group weren't implemented completely. But they actually are working.
So I think you could make an action for every fixture (or group) and use that to control an indicator for every fixture (or group)
But I see you already did that in your last post. So what exactly is the issue you are running into?

I've tried using the API of CueluxPro to see if that makes it easier, but currently that will not work nicely with feedback on Kiosc. (CueluxPro sends a float, where you want a bool)

Please let me know what problems you are running into, I'll be glad to help.



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