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2009 April 14, 04:26:42
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Hello everyone,

I work for a band and i do they're sound and i recently have been getting into lighting and lighting control etc.. I used a laptop at a local venue to control the light with key board triggers to do the effects and what not. I have a macbook and have been trying software to get used to them and learn i am using freestyler a little and i downloaded cuelux and canvix and i really love canvix, it helped grasp the idea and its really easy. my questions are is it only for LEDs or what is the deal with the layers? Can i controls scanners and smart lights as wells as just plain cans? And if i have mult universes and i place lets say six par36's in univers 2 and i go to the layout config. and arrange all, the lights from univers 1 and 2 are together? Can you arrange all the universes seperate or am i missing something?

Thanks hope to hear back :)

2009 December 14, 17:18:38
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Maarten Engels

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This is a very old post that slipped through the cracks   :o  Just providing an answer in case somebody has the same questions...

- Canvix is only for LEDs, not for intelligent lights
- The layers allow you to mix/merge 4 different patterns together
- The layout arranges all lights from any universe
Maarten Engels
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