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Author Topic: Split color function Phantom 130 - Cuelux Pro  (Read 455 times)

July 30, 2020, 12:08:12 PM
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My Phantom 130 moving heads are working in Cuelux Pro
Except that in the color fix I can only select the basic colors and the first split color (
the other buttons are not responding.

Tried to replace the personality from showtec dated feb-2020, without succes.

Is there a fix?

Kind regards

July 30, 2020, 05:56:50 PM
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Bootsy van der Zande

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Hi Jaap,

Can you try with attached file? I tried to calculate the DMX values for nice split colours, as it seems they are not fixed. I also added the split-colours for the slots in the builder, as without it will not work.
If the colours are not split in the middle in the actual output of the fixture it means the dmx values I put in are not right. In this case I would need you to find the right DMX values for the split colours...

You can do this by patching a dimmer channel overlapping with the Phantom's colour channel. Let me explain. Make sure nothing else is running, best is to make an empty showfile with just the Phantom...
  • First select the Phantom Spot
  • Now open the monitor page
  • Change the colour of the Phantom Spot and look in the monitor for the channel that changes.
  • Now patch a dimmer at that channel.
  • Now use the programmer to make the Phantom Spot point somewhere where you can see the output nicely. Best is to focus it on a wall somewhere
  • Using the dimmer, find the right values for the split colours and write them down. The split colours should be between dmx value 65-189 according to the manual. You can see the DMX values in the monitor page we used before.

If you tell me which DMX values are best for which split colour, I will update the personality file and include it here. It will also be added to the factory library in future releases automatically.

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