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Author Topic: New Fixture Chameleon  (Read 3014 times)

June 08, 2009, 04:24:06 PM
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I use the Chameleon product of the mark ShowLED,
Could you give me the fxt file for it.
Here is the URL of the product:
Thank you for your help.

June 11, 2009, 02:50:21 PM
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Jeroen van der Velden

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Hi Tofio,

Please find the FXT-file for ShowLED in the attachment (make sure you're logged in to the forum). I've created the 24-channel mode, since this is the most useful mode when controlling the Chameleon from a comprehensive controller like VisualDMX. The other modes only have "special" channels for selecting fades and colours in case you don't have a controller like VisualDMX. 

Personality File Upgrade Procedure
This file is written for the most recent non-beta software version, available on
Please make sure VisualDMX is not running. Then, copy the (attached) personality file into your ‘VisualDMX\Fixtures’ directory (usually located in C:\Program Files\Visual Productions), overwriting the old one. When you start up VisualDMX the new file will be loaded.
Be aware that the, especially newly created, personality file that has been written for you has not been tested on the actual fixture. It is therefor always advised to test the personality file before using it in live shows.

If you need more modes or other fixtures, don't hesitate contacting me!



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Jeroen van der Velden
Moving light operator

June 12, 2009, 11:10:25 AM
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Hi Jeroen,

Thank's for your help, i'll try it next week!


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