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Author Topic: Disable DMX output  (Read 1966 times)

2021 April 14, 14:32:28
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I have an installation consisting of:
1 CueCore 2
1 Kiosc Touch
2 Bstation 2

I would like to know if it is possible to deactivate the DMX outputs of the Cuecore by looking at a button of the BStation2. Or if there is another way to do this.

But finally is to be able to "block and unblock" all the buttons (on the 2 Bstation2 and the Kiosc Touch) from only one.

Thank you in advance for your feedback  :)

2021 April 14, 15:29:23
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Bootsy van der Zande

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Enabling and disabling functionality is mostly done by enabling or disabling the appropriate Actionlist. This can be done in the webinterface, using the API or using a task in another Action.

The tricky part is that if you disable the OSC, UDP or Button source, you can't use that anymore to enable it again. There are a few tricks to get around this. One is to enable/disable the list through a different protocol than what you use for the controls. The other is a bit more work, and might cause you to hit the limits of ShowControl (amount of actions/task etc.)

You can route any functionality you want to disable through a Userlist. This is done by the task "Action - link". When using buttons, instead of placing the needed tasks in the button action, you put them in a new action in a userlist. Now in the original button action, you use the "Action - link" task to execute the action in the userlist. Now you can enable and disable the userlist, without disabling the other button actions.



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