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Author Topic: B-Station2 - control color (RBG) of fixture from button  (Read 24 times)

June 10, 2021, 12:18:47 AM
Read 24 times

Tyler Ferrero

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Coming from using CueCore2's exclusively, I have a small install with a couple fixtures and a B-Station2. Fits the needs perfectly, just want to see if I can put some more into the install as 'extra'.

I've dedicated some buttons for the pre-made preset looks and intensity controls as needed, but I'd like to add the ability to allow the client to select any color at the push of the last remaining button. I've figured out how to do this with a playback and 16 pre-recorded cues that the button can cycle through. I'd like to see if its possible to leverage using the fixture->RGB->control with a single button or a variable. Am I barking up the right tree?

Button 6 held -> fixtures run through RGB cycle -> Button 6 released -> fixture color scroll stops wherever it was.



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