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Author Topic: Personality Issues?  (Read 1528 times)

August 26, 2021, 02:04:53 AM
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Hey! I have 3 fixtures that are misbehaving and have been for a few versions of cuelux. I'll include a link to my show file below.

1) Elation HFX Hybrid, On boot there's a slider under the Custom tab labeled "CGANY" when the program boots, the lights start a macro on their own, I have to slide this slider all the way up and back down to clear whatever DMX is being triggered.

2) Elation Platinum Spot 5R Pro & Elation Satura CMY. Both of these fixtures will often default to the CMY gels being all on 100%, I regularly have to go in and move one of the CMY Sliders in the program and all 3 will go back to open.

3) If these personalities are updated I currently use some fixture profiles in both factory and user folders so I'm not sure how to add the repaired personalities.



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