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Author Topic: More OSC outputs on Quadcore  (Read 1849 times)

2021 September 21, 11:18:48
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With more and more B-stations in our venue I need to be creative with sending OSC  commands to every device. Now I’m sending commands to 4 outputs and then repeating those commands to 4 more. But if the one who repeats goes down the last 4 aren’t reached.

Is it possible to send commands to multiple ip’s with the use of an ‘*’  ?

Like this: 2.0.0.*
So that every device in the hole subnet mask is reached.

Thank you.

2021 September 23, 12:34:06
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Bootsy van der Zande

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Hi Guido,

You can use broadcast for this. Easiest is to add the special broadcast IP "" which will default to the subnet you are in.
The port settings are the same as with normal use (unicast)


2021 September 26, 20:17:38
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Thanks I will try this!


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