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Author Topic: OSC - Playback jump  (Read 1988 times)

2021 November 23, 22:04:48
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Hello, how should the "Playback jump" work? We use the LPU2 controlled from Kiosk touch. As I undestand, the jump command should start defined cue in defined scene. What OSC string I should place to button?
I tried /pb64/ju3 to play 3th cue, but nothing happend. When I use /pb64/go+ and go- it works.

Thanks for advice.

AAAA, now I look at another user manual, and there is an example, /pb64/ju=3 is it correct ?
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2021 November 24, 13:42:29
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Bootsy van der Zande

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OSC commands actually consist of two parts. The command, and the value. With OSC you would send "/pb01/ju"  with an integer/value of 3.
For UDP the syntax is simply "/pb01/ju=3", as UDP has no (default) way of command/value separation. We use the equals sign (=) for that.



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