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Author Topic: Problem Dumping Cuelist to Quadcore  (Read 3417 times)

2021 November 19, 10:06:01
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I am trying to dump a cuelist containing a Dimmer-FX from Cuelux Pro onto a Quadcore.
The cuelist gets into the right track, but it is only 1s long no matter what length my effect is.
I have tried multiple times with different tracks-setting on the Quad-core, but always the same result.
The cuelist is running in CueLux Pro when i do the Dump.

Any idea?
Cuelux PRO and Quadcore are running the latest firmware.

Thomas Longva
Bright Norway AS

2021 November 24, 13:32:46
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Bootsy van der Zande

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Hi Thomas,

Usually this happens when CueluxPro cannot determine the right loop, for example if there are multiple effects running or not every fixture has the same speed for the effect.

Could you send me a copy of the showfile on the support email? It is support [at] I will have a look at why the track does not dump correctly.
(please also note which playback you are trying to dump from CueluxPro)



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