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Author Topic: Timespans & Sunset/Sunrise functions  (Read 608 times)

December 08, 2021, 03:05:21 PM
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I'm a bit confused, hope that someone can help me with my issue...

Let's go straight to the point:
I'm using a cuecore2 to command lights and colors on a building at night, using récorded tracks in loops.
No problems here, loops are recorded and can play without any issues. I recorded 4 loops that correspond to certain timespan: one for each seasons.
I want my lights to be on at sunset and off at sunrise, and the loop i want to be played must correspond to a certain timespan.

The programming part is a bit confusing to me, i did this way:

-Configuring 4 specific timespans in the "settings" page, one for each season.
-Put my 4 loops in playback 1, all in "halt" mode, with the playback in "loop" mode.
-Created a "scheduler" module in "show control/actionlist"
-For each timespan, creating an action, i did like this:
Trigger type : timespan
Timespan Index: 1

Task type: Playback
Feature: Jump
Function: Set
Param1: 1 (every tracks are in playback 1)
Param2: 1 (to play the cue1)

did the same for the 4 available timespan, changing the timespan index and the param2. (timespan index: 2 ; param2: 2 and so on)

-Finally, adding two more actions in the "actions" of the scheduler,

one for sunset:
Trigger type: sunset

Task type: Playback master
Feature: Intensity
Function: Set
Param1: 100%
Param2: -

one for sunrise:
Trigger type: sunrise

Task type: Playback master
Feature: Intensity
Function: Set
Param1: 0%
Param2: -

What should happen to me is that for each timespans, the specific cue is looping non stop, and the sunset and sunrise should switch the lights on and off. via the master intensity.

What is currently happening is that the cuecore2 is sending the right Cue, but the light is 100% always (like if the sunset and sunrise were not actives)

Did i make a mystake or is there an other way to program what i need?

Thanks !

December 09, 2021, 03:33:11 PM
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Bootsy van der Zande

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I think that sounds about right, but there are a few things that can go wrong. (Settings, or trigger values in Showcontrol)
Can you share a backup so I can have a look?

Have you setup the timezone correctly on the settings page? It displays the time that sunrise and sunset happen.
Is the CueCore2 normally always powered on, or does it switch on and off every day?



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