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Author Topic: Variable to Trigger Playback and Cue  (Read 2199 times)

2022 May 17, 11:04:58
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I am trying to use variables to record and recall the current playback and cue. I have successfully been able to recall a variable that recalls the cue number see screenshot below. I can't find a function that allows for the control value to change playbacks? Is this possible?

Thanks, Matt

2022 May 17, 12:25:07
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Bootsy van der Zande

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Hi Matt,

Not sure what you mean with switching playbacks. The way to set it up is to use a variable per playback.
If you mean how to use variable 1 to control a different playback, you can change the number in parameter1 in the task you used in your screenshot.

Let me know if you have more questions.



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