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Author Topic: Dali luminaires controlled by dmx controller.  (Read 1152 times)

2022 October 10, 16:08:56
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Dear all,

I have one project where we use Dalicore controller and DMXmerger, also we use Mean Well DLP-04R for DALI bus and Mean Well MDR-40-12 to supply with 12-volts Dalicore and DMX merger.
In this project I have:
40 Dali-2 EGC luminaries(only on/off and dimmable).
2 Dali broadcast passive controllers
10 DMX  luminaires(on/off and dimming)
In VP Web-interface I find all luminaires in DALI  and DMX- patch and added addresses and groups. I have a question, Does VP have a supportive step-by-step tutorial, how to use Showcontrol and add all luminaires to control them in DMX controller(VP DMXmerger I use because there comes more than one controller)?

Thank You.

2022 October 10, 16:57:12
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Julien Levaufre

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It looks like a really nice project you are working on. :)

Sadly we do not have tutorial videos, but you can already find plenty of informations in our manuals.

But if you wan to control the intensity of your Dali fixtures from DMX you can select the "DMX->DALI channels" template. It will automatically link the first 32 DMX channels to the 32 first DALI fixtures.
You can add some more actions in the created action list, going up to 48 actions.

The action list depends on the type of trigger you will be using, in this exemple it will be DMX, then you can create actions depending on what you want to do with this DMX trigger.
You need to create one action for each different action you want to do. In our case we create one action for each DMX channel.
When you go in the edit window of the action, you will be able to see on the left part the DMX channel number you will be using as a trigger ( and some other parameters) and on the right part you will see the task executed when the trigger is activated.
As we want to control the intensity of a fixture we create a "fixture" task, and select "intensity" as feature, and 'control' as function.(so we will control the intensity of a fixture).
To finish we just need to indicate which fixture we want to control, you can select directly a Dali fixture with its index number, or do the same with a DMX fixture but you can also directly control the intensity of a group.

I hope those informations will help you,
Do not hesitate if you have any other question, you can contact me on support"at"
Enjoy ;)
Julien Levaufre
Visual Productions BV


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