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Author Topic: Connection issues Kiosc - Quadcore // fixed IP´s  (Read 43 times)

January 12, 2023, 10:13:31 AM
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Hey guys,

I´m having connection issues between Kiosc on an iPad and a Quadcore. It´s a permanent installation, everything is programmed in Cuelux Pro which runs on a Control PC.
So the quadcore is here basically just an artnet node to output 3 Universes.
The installation is already running for the 3 months, and except from glitches during setup and programming it was pretty fine for a couple of weeks.
I changed the IP settings recently, and since then it´s not stable at all. Control PC, Quadcore, iPad and three other nodes all run in a 2.xxxx network that is closed to other componenents, except our AP that only feeds the iPad and an internet feed (which I´m trying to get rid of).
Before I changed the Quadcore to a 2xxx IP, it had sth like which is probably what it got from my first touch with vManager? Unfortunatly I didn´t safe a backup file, so I can´t restore it.
Anyways I belief restoring does not change the actual IP settings, right?
So since I have the iPad and Quadcore in the 2xxxx range with fixes IP´s, I sometimes see the quadcore and Cuelux Pro in Kiosc "Remote", but the app loses it.
Very often it only shows the ip of the quadcore (in orange), and no symbol anymore (Cuelux is also gone then). Most of the times it still works then, but not always.
Closing Kiosc app and open it again mostly helps, but it´s not what I wanna have as a solution to our client.
I also had problems in the last days with the Cuelux app on the Control PC for the first time ever. One time it seemd to be frozen, yesterday the window on the PC (running Win10) suddenly was oversized so top buttons and lower sections were not displayed anymore and I had to restart the app.
The Cuelux issues might be individual, the PC has been running non stop for 3 months, so maybe yesterdays restart of the PC might have solved this anyways.
The PC runs only Cuelux Pro and Madrix, nothing else. Madrix is triggered via Cuelux with an USB in that is feeded from a quadcore output.

Any ideas why I´m having thos connection issues? Should the core always been visible with it´s symbol in Kiosc "Remote" window?

I´m happy for any input here, as my client is getting nervous if the system is reliable enough.

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January 17, 2023, 04:35:25 PM
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Julien Levaufre

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The IP address you said your cuecore was using before you set it to fix ip looks like it was in DHCP but without any DHCP server, so it took a random address.

I guess you changed the IP address of your computer also to the 2xxxx range?

If I understand you right the Kiosc app connect to cuelux pro in remote mode?

Note that cuelux pro had not been designed to be use as a stand alone software, it is just a tool to create some cuelist that you will dump into the quadcore memory, Then the cuelux pro software is not useful anymore.
So letting it run for many days on the computer may create some problems for sure.

I would strongly advise you to transfert the cuelux pro content to the quad core memory to get rid on Cuelux pro in 'stand alone' mode.

This way you will connect kiosc directly to the quadcore, and this connection will be way more stable.

We have some bugs setting a remote connection between cuelux pro and kiosc, If the connection is lost, you usually need to restart the computer and then only start cuelux pro, then you will be bale to see it in the kiosc list.

I hope this will help you.

Julien Levaufre
Visual Productions BV


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