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February 06, 2023, 11:02:23 AM
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What should I do when my shark navigator lift away deluxe nv360 loses its suction power?

Many things that happen that can decrease your Shark NV360 cleaner’s suction power. If you are experiencing a loss of suction power, don’t throw away your shark navigator lift away deluxe nv360 right away. Instead, check out these aspects to see which part of your shark vacuum is in bad condition and needs to be fixed.

The filters

Every shark vacuum model nv360 has two filters: the pre-motor filter and the post-motor filter. If these filters get too dirty, then the air has a harder time getting through. Therefore, it’s best to follow the maintenance routine and clean these parts in time to keep the air flowing smoothly.

The brushroll

The brushroll contacts the debris directly in floor cleaning. If the debris is too big or gets stuck with the brushroll, it will decrease the suction power. You should pay attention to the brushroll if you see your shark vacuum having a hard time picking things up. Free the brushroll from pet hair or wrapped hair, so the air has more space to flow through.

The dust cup

It’s recommended to empty the dust cup when it’s two-thirds full. Leaving more space for new debris to get in will help the air flow go smoothly. Also, it would be best to make sure the whole dust cup is clean every time you start vacuuming. This process will help your shark navigator lift away deluxe nv360 works effortlessly.

The hose

If you only experience a loss of suction power when using the attachments, especially in the lift-away mode, then maybe the hose is no longer in good shape. If you pull the hose too hard all the time, you may create splits and holes on the hose, and the air escapes on the way in. Another verdict is that something is blocking the way in, and the air has difficulty getting through. Either way, you should check the hose condition to find the best solution to solve the problem. We give you experience in Shark NV360 Reviews.

The motor

The final reason that makes suction power weaken is the motor. This factor is the last thing you should check if all of the above didn’t work. Normally, a shark navigator lift away deluxe nv360 motor is very durable and long-lasting. But we wouldn’t know if there is anything wrong along the way we do maintenance. So it’s best to have the customer service check the motor status for you before deciding if it is no longer good enough. Small dysfunction can be fixed. But if the problem is too big to handle, then it’s best to replace the motor with a new one.

Even though the Shark vacuum NV360 is equipped with advanced technology like the anti allergen complete seal technology, the lift-away technology, the HEPA filter and many intelligent features, there will be unexpected things that cause the machine to malfunction. Knowing these potential problems will create awareness in using and maintaining the shark navigator lift away deluxe nv360. This will result in a long-lasting cleaning buddy that is always by your side to help you save time for more spectacular life experiences.
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February 06, 2023, 12:22:43 PM
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Please find your fixture file included,
enjoy  ;)
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