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Author Topic: midiconpro change midi ?  (Read 908 times)

2023 April 07, 16:49:59
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kent nielsen

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good afternoon.
i am wondering if it is posible to do small changes in the midimap for midicon pro?
i would love to hava
 "selection all" on M1
"selection none" on M2
"selektion prev" on M3
"selektion next" on M4
"tap tempo" on enter
"tempe break" on@

is that posible for me to change?
thanks and happy Easter

2023 April 11, 12:37:54
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Julien Levaufre

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Are you using your midicon pro withe normal version of Cuelux or with Cuelux Pro?
In both cases the first thing you need to do is to find the midimap file "elation,xml" from visualproductions/cuelux/midimaps/factory to the user folder. ( change cuelux by cueluxpro if you are using Cuelux pro.)

Then you can edit the file you saved in the User folder with a standard text editor, but for better readibility you can use or notepad++ on windows or brackets on macOs,
To know how to "read" the file you can have a look at this document:;topic=7096.0;attach=3719
It's done for Cuelux, but the structure of the file for Cuelux Pro is the same.

Find the part that is for the Midicon Pro, and then find the block corresponding to the button you want to change. You can find it using the function that it is currently controlling or with the midi message link to the button you want to use ( you can use the Cuelux pro monitor to see what are the messages sent by the Midicon pro)
You will just have to change the function of the button. You can find the key word to control the specific function that you want looking at the button that was controlling it previously or you can open the "generic" file that you will find in the midimaps/factory folder.
This file lists all the commands that you can assign to a midi button or fader.

I hope everything is clear enough for you,
Good luck :)
Julien Levaufre
Visual Productions BV


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