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Author Topic: More than 4 universe  (Read 213 times)

September 27, 2023, 03:56:23 AM
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Omar Mandour

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I have a lighting setup of 16 universes and I am using a total of 6 CueCore3 is I want to use Master/Salve to have access for 16 universes as each CueCore3 has 4 universes I should have a total of 24 universe but I can only see 4 (ABCD)

September 29, 2023, 04:16:18 PM
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Bootsy van der Zande

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Hi Omar,

Do you mean you only see four universes in the webinterface or in CueluxPro?
For CueluxPro you can add more universes, and patch them to the right CueCore3. (Make sure they all have a unique IP address of course)

In the webinterface you will only see the universes of the specific CueCore3 you are browsing. The Master/Slave functionality makes sure that the  playbacks of the CueCore3's are synchronized.
When recording a track, each CueCore3 will record only the 4 universes that it is configured for, so all data is spread over the units. Then when running a playback, they will playback the tracks together.



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