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Author Topic: Timecore: dynamicaly apply offsets to incomming timecode  (Read 110 times)

November 06, 2023, 09:45:54 AM
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I own an Explo firing system (TX2-70K), wich works on an internal timecode based on minutes, seconds and one hundrets of seconds. The maximum value the internal timecode can go to is 99 minutes, 59 seconds and 99 hundrets. With the use of their timecode modem, you can listen to classical smpte ltc and also set offsets. The limitation is that you are always limted to this span of 100 minutes between the lowest and the highest timecode value.

A lot of shows separate different timecode segements by the hour. So the first song would start at 01:00:00:00, the second song at 02:00:00:00... With the limitation statet above, this puts me in trouble fast. What I would need is a system that takes the "official" timecode values and transforms them into chunks of timecode in my 100 minutes range. For that, I would probably need to apply offsets  dynamically according to the incoming timecode range.

I was playing around with my timecore, but I could not find a way to do so. There are actions for incrementing and decrementing timecode, but they seem to apply only to the timecode generator. I have not found a way to apply offsets to the incomming timecode. Is there a way to solve my issue?

November 06, 2023, 11:47:36 AM
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Julien Levaufre

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Ok, I understand your problem.
Sadly there is no way to apply an offset on the outputted timecode from the Timecore.
The only solution I could think about would be to switch the TimeCore to internal when it reach 2:00:00.00 for example and set this internal timecode to 0. But then you loose the link between your firework system and the rest of the control. So I guess this will not be ok.
I read the manual of your controller, and it seems it could directly receive SMPTE timecode, but not I understood how this is working.
I am sorry to not be able to help you more,
Julien Levaufre
Visual Productions BV


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