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2024 January 05, 16:27:35
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Hello, I'm not the brightest of users so please bare with me.

I'm not a brand snob.... I've got a few 150 spot movers from YUER (their good enough for what I do) I don't seem to be able to find these fixtures within the CUELUX2 fixtures listing... What can I do???

My CUELUX2 has v1.6.29

Thank in Advance.
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2024 January 11, 11:50:54
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Julien Levaufre

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To use your new Yuers moving heads with Cuelux, you need to have a fixture that will say to the software which channel does what.
To create this file you have 2 solutions:
1- you can use the free Vbuilder software to create the file by your self, it is quite easy to use and you can download it from here:
2- you can post here your request including the manual with the DMX charts or at least a link to the manual. I will create the fixture file for you, but the usual delay is around 2/3 business days.

Enjoy ;)
Julien Levaufre
Visual Productions BV


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