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Author Topic: Problems with MacBook Pro 14"  (Read 320 times)

February 01, 2024, 10:36:15 AM
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I just got a MacBook Pro 14" with the M1 Pro chip, but I have some problems with Cuelux.
The driver for the CueCable wasn't found, even after reinstalling Cuelux. On an Intel MBP it worked fine.
And the display settings... I can only use 1024x600, so WSVGA, because with every other setting the app is too large for the monitor, even though it has a resolution of 3024x1964. Is that somehow fixable?

Before I got the MacBook I used Cuelux on a Chromebook inside a Linux Virtual Machine. There 1920x1080 worked perfectly fine. And the driver also worked.

Please help!


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