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Author Topic: Showfile on Ipad  (Read 308 times)

February 06, 2024, 09:23:22 AM
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Hello, i'am a new user. I have a LPU-2 with Cuety on an iPad (pre-installed).
Questions: Where do I find my showfiles on my iPad? I want to make them readonly.
I also have Cuety on a Laptop windows 10. When I connect the PC with the router I can select the LPU-2.
It shows the showfile from the memory of the LPU-2 and follows the steps I take on my iPad when both devices are connected (differend IP-adresses)
I can then save the file to my PC. However I cannot open the showfile and store it in the LPU-2.
The button open (in options)  on my PC is covert by a picto of a map with V.1.17 over it..
Both my devices run version 1.17
What to do?

FOUND THE SOLUTION MYSELF. Had to do with screenresolution. on PC. Sorry!

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