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Author Topic: Interested in product information  (Read 867 times)

2024 February 08, 21:14:56
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yahav tenne

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I have a few permanent installations that I am considering installing cuecore3.
Where can I learn about the product? How to record from an external desk? How to work with the CueluxPro? And with Kiosc? How to connect the cloud?
And where is there a comparison table between the products?
Thank you

2024 February 12, 21:58:19
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Mark van der Meulen

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To find out how the interface works I suggest to have a look at this:

Here you can have a look at the web interface of the Cuecore3
For further information I would suggest to have a look at Cuelux Pro and/or the manual of the Cuecore3. Cuelux Pro can also be downloaded from the website of Visual Productions, you can install it and have all the functions except output at your disposal to check out how it works.

There is an option to record from external consoles (Artnet and sACN) It is also an option to create your scenes in Cuelux Pro and dump those scenes into the Cuecore.
In Kiosc you can create your own templates to control functions on the Cuecore. This works thru OSC and UDP messages

To see all the features of the different products, have a look at the brochure:

2024 February 15, 20:48:16
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yahav tenne

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Thank you. How many universes can be recorded simultaneously in cuecore3

2024 February 16, 14:33:57
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Guido Visser

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Hi Yahav,

The CueCore3 can record 4 universe simultaneously.
If multiple CueCore3 units then you can record more universes simultaneously using the master slave protocol.

Please note you can either only record universe from the same source at a time.
So 4 DMX universes, 4 Art-Net universes or 4 sACN universes.
Not 1 DMX and 1 Art-Net and 1 sACN simultaneously.

To record DMX, Art-Net or sACN you can go to the track page and click record.
The CueCore3 will then record your content from the selected source.

I hope this helps you.

Kind regards
Guido Visser
Guido Visser
Visual Productions BV


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