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December 20, 2009, 11:58:24 PM
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Hi one more time.
I asked a lot of questions, but this is because I really like the idea of your software and I see a good future on our US market.
Little wish list:

1. In the Cue window double click on the CueLst name will take you to the Rename CueList;
2. Same place - would be nice to see info on which button or fader cuelist resides (maybe a bad idea since it can be in the
     multiple locations);
3. SOLO button! Very important for moving lights programming. How I see it working - with SOLO button engaged all fixtures
   exept selected ones will blackout;
4. Please, bigger fonts on the playback buttons and fader windows! I have hard time even with glasses. And not only me...
5. I did not quite understand from your answers to other posts - will we have ability to change default fade in/out times?
    I feel that this is a must to have;
6. Focus pallettes (preprogrammed focus positions that you use in cues; when you select fixtures and call position from pallett
    it will automatically load this position into programmer, the benefit is that it will greatly simplify and speed up moving lights
    programming; another huge benefit is mobile situation: when you come to the new venue you don't have to fix all your cues,
    you fixing only the pallettes and all the cues that used pallettswill be automatically updated to the new positions; also the great
    feature for programming at home where you can do only approximate positions and update the pallettes later) IS THIS TOO

Thank you , more wishis to come (probably...)


December 21, 2009, 11:28:00 AM
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Maarten Engels

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Thank you for this post. We are planning on releasing a new version in January which will quite a few new features that cover most of the issues in your post. May I suggest we come back to this post when the release is out and see which issues have been addressed and which need further development?
Maarten Engels
Visual Productions BV


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